My name is Ilka. I live, work, and play in Jackson, Wyoming (which is a really nice place to do all of those things).  I grew up in Freeport, Maine, where I frequently got detention for filling my homework pages with drawings, not homework. It worked out for the best.

This is my dream job and I feel pretty lucky that I get to wake up every day and love what I do. My work is influenced by my background/degree in the Fine Arts (fancy, huh?), where I learned to pay particular attention to color & composition through painting and printmaking.

Today I work mostly in the digital realm, creating everything from corporate reports to ski topsheets to textiles for headwear. In addition to running my own freelance business for 4 years, I have worked in two in-house marketing departments (Jackson Whole Grocer & Jackson Hole Mountain Resort) where I cut my teeth in the world of branding & digital marketing.

Not bored yet? Want to make your weird / fabulous / perfect / boring / strange / silly / wonderful / smart idea come to life?

Let’s talk. Shoot me message on the form below.

Thanks for checking out my stuff. Did I mention that I love what I do?


Photo by  Erin Wheat  

Photo by Erin Wheat 

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