I ask my clients to show me logos the like/dislike. This helps me narrow down their personal aesthetic.  

The logos below are Honeycomb's "liked" batch. They don't need to have anything to do w/ the industry (though some do in this case).  

I also ask my clients to send me their competitors logos. This serves two purposes: One, it makes sure we're not creating anything too close to the competitor and two, it gives me an idea of industry standards. It's up to the client if they want to keep it close to industry standards or break the mold. In this case, the client wanted to break the mold. Usually we do a bit of both.

With these visuals (combined with client's answers to creative brief) I have enough info to start creating. I put together a logo pack with a couple different ideas of shapes / fonts / colors.*

*This client specified that green, yellow, & deep grey were the only colors she would consider. She also wanted to incorporate the honeycomb shape in some capacity. This type of direction is not required, but reduces the project rate. Basically, if I'm given certain parameters the logo will take less time/ less creative energy, and therefore I charge less.

Original logo pack:


The client liked the honeycomb in #1 and the font in #5. So we combined the two. She also wanted to make sure her logo was applicable in both tight horizontal & vertical spaces. So we created two orientations. Additionally, she wanted to be sure her logo was visible on both light & dark backgrounds. So we created 4 different color versions. Lastly, she wanted to make sure she could use the honeycomb icon as a stand alone symbol. So we created those files in all the same color variations.

It may not be important for your business to have this many options. It IS important for you to think through the various applications for your logo, so that when you need it, you'll have it. Your final logos will come packaged, labeled, & organized in a dropbox folder that you can download to your personal desktop.